About Us

Susu is a dynamic company that provides digitally enhanced, full-service and innovative healthcare solutions for the African diaspora’s families back home. We are dedicated to improving quality of life for our beneficiaries, and ensuring they receive the best level of care.

Why we built Susu

For the 33 million members of the African diaspora who support 120 million people in their home countries, making sure family members back home are properly cared for is a cause of great concern. Only a small proportion of the money they regularly send is actually converted into healthcare for their loved ones.

Across the continent, population growth, extended lifespans, urbanisation and inflation have had an impact on African lifestyles and households. This has resulted in a sharp rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, leaving the medical system completely overwhelmed.

Today, both everyday and emergency healthcare services are under pressure. The African healthcare system is currently entirely reactive and fraught with frustrations: there aren’t enough specialists, fake medicine is prevalent, insurance penetration is less than 5 percent, and technology has not been fully embraced by healthcare professionals. As African populations age, the need for a solution becomes more pressing.

We believe we have found that solution.Through a combination of high quality, personalised medical services, and insurance cover, we are committed to providing the African diaspora with peace of mind by offering a healthier life for their loved ones.

Going above and beyond because we care

Born out of a personal tragedy experienced by our founder Bola Bardet, Susu aims to efficiently address the problem of limited access to healthcare in Africa through an inclusive approach.

We understand that knowing what your loved ones need can be difficult from afar, so we designed our digitally-enhanced healthcare solutions to allow families, health professionals and beneficiaries to be updated and connected at all times.

To us, healthcare is multifaceted, and our focus on care is not just as a service or medicine, but as an experience that is shared. That is why Susu is built on a growing network of alliances and partnerships, and supported on a daily basis by passionate experts dedicated to our unique solution.

Our people

Because we believe that diversity is key to propelling us into the future, we have brought together a varied group of professionals who are the best in their respective fields. From specialised doctors and product developers to insurance experts and marketing specialists, Susu is powered by experts, all passionate about improving the healthcare system in Africa. As we expand, we continue to build our core Susu team, combining only the very best people with skills that help us achieve our goals.

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